Rules of the Language World

Rules of the Language World

Japanese Mousou Project has some special rules inside the page so everyone can join, exchange or support your favourite characters. We will announce the accumulated points every month.


All the characters in this page are living in the “Language World”.

This World belongs to a dimension that is different from the humans’ world.

They’re aware of the existence of humans’ world, but humans are not aware of their existence.

The destiny of Everybody in Language World is to teach own language to human.

The more people who use their own words increase, the bigger their territory in the Language World becomes. (Now the biggest empire is Mandarin Chinese*)

It has been set a period of 100 year per 1 character in order to achieve this great task.

Only the ones who accomplish that task would award a special “Title”.

On the 7th July 2013, in the Reign called “Japanese”…

The activity of the newbies from the reign of Japanese has started…

★Point system:

                 1 Facebook Like! = 1 Point ❤

                 1 Facebook Comment =2 Points ❤❤

                 1 Fans work on Facebook = 10 Points ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

★The Honor Rank: 5 Titles

(based on collected likes and comments)

Rules of Language World

The Honor Rank

0~9,999 ~kun, ~chan

10,000~49,999 ~san

50,000~99,999 ~sama

100,000~1M ~dono

Over 1M ~lord, ~shogun

Result Announcement:  Monthly

A bit long explanation ^^; huh?

In brief, If you want to support any characters, please click like! , comment or post any fan works.

Then we will calculate and announce the total points every month for each character.

One day, Kanji-kun may become Lord Kanji because of your support!!!!!!

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*Special Thanks to Shian who helped us on the translation work. Thank you so much m(_ _)m

**Read more: Most Popular Languages in the World by Number of Speakers |


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