Ga as Emphasis

Particles (助詞; Joshi) in Japanese have lots of rules. We think everyone who learned Japanese faced this problem at least once. Especially how to choose wa (は) or  ga(が) in the sentence.

Today, Joshi-kun showed us one function of “GA (が)” which is “Ga as Emphasis”

▲ Let’s take a look at Joshi-kun script again.



Nande shichigatsu-nanoka ni peeji kaishikatte?

Sonnakoto…ore [ga]* shitaikara ni kimatteru daro.

Why did this page choose to open today?

Definitely because I said so.

Ga as Emphasis is usually used in the speech for the Overly-self-confident or Ore-sama (俺様) type characters.

Since Ga is used for emphasis or distinguish someone or something from others. In this case, Joshi-kun wanted to emphasize himself in the sentence. However, wa(は) is used for the topic marker or show the contrast. Thus, using “wa” will pull down Joshi-kun priority.

Table: Comparing [wa] and [ga] for Jo-shi kun.


ore wa shitai kara

I want to do that


I (unlike others who don’t) want to do that


ore ga shitai kara

I am the one who want to do that


Unless I decided, no one can do.

☆彡Other useful expressions.


~ni kimatteiru/ ~ni kimatteru (colloquial)

▲How to use: Verb Casual/ い-adjective/な-adjective/Noun + に決まっている

▲Meaning: show strong conviction about a prediction on something.


Definitely because I said so.

※Caution!! ~に決まっている is usually translated as “Definitely” or “Absolutely” but it’s different from 「~に違いない」which is a softer expression and 「~に相違ない」which is used in written language.  And since it’s a strong conviction, you can’t put 「~が、しかし~」in the same sentence.


Phew~ how was that?

We hope Joshi-kun helps you understand more about Wa(は) and Ga(が)usage.

There are more functions regarding Wa and Ga. We hope Joshi-kun will teach us more next time!

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