Kanji’s Equation#1 : 儚い恋(Fleeting Love)

Kanji’s Equation #1

◆Topic: 儚い恋(Hakanai-koi; Fleeting Love )
◆Character: Kanji-kun

Kanji’s Equation: 

A man (人→亻) always dream(夢) for a short moment(儚い) of love.  

亻 +  夢  → 儚い


Hello, everyone. Welcome to our new weekly column “Kanji’s Equation”☆彡Since this is a Kanji column, we decided to invite Kanji-kun as our model. Kanji-kun, Thank you for the sexy pose XD

Today’s topic is the word “儚(はかな)い”; Hakanai (い-adj.) which has 2 main meanings; momentary or empty (dream, etc.).

As you can see from the Kanji’s equation above, it is composed of 「人(ひと; hito)人→ 亻(にんべん; ninben) – person radical 」and 「夢(ゆめ; yume) – dream」. A person with dream. Sounds romantic; right?

However, when they are mixed, it became the Kanji in the word 儚い(Hakanai)which means momentary or empty (dream, etc.) like I said above. Why? It should be a romantic word. Let’s see how this word are formed.



  A man (人→亻) always dream(夢) for a short moment(儚い) of love.

▲Although a man knows that this love won’t last and it’s just a Fleeting Love (儚い恋; hakanai-koi), he always dreams to have it for a short moment. ▲

From this week, this new column “Kanji’s Equation” will come to meet you every Tuesday. また来てね(mata kite ne; Please come again)。

***FYI: So far we haven’t found the concrete evidence regarding the creator of this word. The equation above (人 + 夢 → 儚) is one of the tricks to remember Kanji.


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