Kanji’s Equation#2 : Walk/Proceed

Kanji’s Equation#2:


◆Topic: 歩む(Ayu-mu; walk, continue, proceed, go forward, spend)

◆Character: Kanji-kun


Kanji’s Equation:

Stop「 止(と)まる」 a bit「 少(すこ)し」in order to proceed「歩む」.

止  +  少 → 




Another Variation of 「歩」

Another Variation of 「歩」is 歩く(るーく

>How to read: Aru-ku

>Meaning: walk, wander


◎歩く(Aru-ku) VS 歩む (Ayu-mu)

歩む(Ayu-mu)has a more abstact meaning. In our daily lives, if you want to say “walk” on foot, it’s normal to use 歩く(Aru-ku). However, in the poem, literature or in the marriage vows, 歩む(Ayu-mu) is better.



For 歩く(Aru-ku):歩いて帰る (aruite kaeru)

★meaning: walk home

For 歩む (Ayu-mu):あなたと共に歩む(anata to tomo ni ayumu)

★Direct meaning: “to walk together with you”

★Indirect (abstract) meaning: “to be together with you”


❤Important Notice from Admins!

Due to the time constraint, Kanji’s Equation changed the update day from Tuesday to Thursday weekly! Sorry for the sudden change.m(__)m


See you next Thursday.


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